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City of Bedford Accepts Oakridge Drive as a city street

BEDFORD - FEBRUARY 23, 2023 - The City of Bedford accepted Jay Fiddler request to add Oakridge Drive as a city street from the Broadview North Section 3 Subdivision.

According to Bedford Street Commissioner David Flinn the street meets all the specifications and requirements to be a city street. Flinn telling both the Board of Works and Bedford City Council in their respective meetings that he personally inspected the location.

The subdivision however was exempted from having to place sidewalks in the subdivision.

In May 2019, when the Broadview North Subdivision was being proposed; the Bedford City Council exempted Broadview North and Glen Meadows projects from having to place sidewalks in their developments.

Residents in the Glen Meadows project did not want sidewalks placed in their neighborhood at the time.

At the time Bedford Plan Commissioner Dan Kirk stated this would add considerable cost to the developers in installing the sidewalks. The City of Bedford Transportation plan now requires future developers to have sidewalks place on at least one side of the street.

Glen Meadows eventually placed sidewalks in their development with the city paying have of the cost of the concrete in that development.

Many subdivisions did not have to place sidewalks in their developments, this leaving pedestrian to walk in city streets. Speed reductions and stop signs were placed in many of these subdivisions to slow down traffic and make it safer.

The Edgewood Subdivision and Fellowship Drive on the city's eastside does not have sidewalks and many streets on such as 27th and 29th Streets do not have sidewalks for pedestrians.

It will be up to both Bedford Plan Commissioners and Bedford City Council to enforce placement of sidewalks in future subdivisions.

Photo: Cul de Sac in the City of Bedford will be required to be 45 feet in diameter in proposed ordinance changes after trash trucks and fire engines are having difficulty in 38 feet diameter Cul de Sac

In another matter, David Flinn requested changes to the city ordinances in requiring Cul de Sac to have a 45 feet diameter instead of the current 38 feet diameter Cul de Sac. Flinn states that trash trucks, and fire engines are having a difficult time in getting around in the Cul de Sac at 38 feet.

The Broadway North Subdivision has a 100-foot diameter Cul de Sac.

The Bedford City Council passed the ordinance changes up to the second passage, Tuesday night during their meeting. The third and final passage is expected at next month's city council meeting.

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