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Candidates in Final Stretch of Campaign - Republican Candidates Seek Party Nomination at Forum

BEDFORD - (APRIL 25, 2022) - The final stretch of the campaign for the Republican candidates to seek their party nomination is winding down.

The Republican races for Lawrence County Sheriff, Lawrence County Commissioner District 1, Lawrence County Council District 1, Lawrence County District 2, Lawrence County District 3, Lawrence County District 4 are being contested.

There are five candidates seeking the Lawrence County Council District 1Race. The most watched race is the Lawrence County Sheriff race being sought by Gregg Taylor and Greg Day.

The President of the Lawrence County Commissioners Rodney Fish is being challenged by Lawrence County Council President Scott Smith.

Monday night the candidates for the county races attended a voters' forum at Smokin Jims making their final plea of why they should get the party's nomination.

Lawrence County Zephyr provided video coverage of the forum: Here is their response of why they are the most qualified for office sought.

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