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BNLHS Students perform " The Sound of Music" with wonderful vocals and performances

BEDFORD - MARCH 11, 2023 - The Bedford North Lawrence High School students put on a suburb three showings this weekend. The final performance will be on Sunday evening at 6:00 pm at the Bedford Performing Arts Center.

Those who attended will not be disappointed in a wonder performance of " The Sound of Music".

Video: The Sound of Music

According to Luke Foster Hayden, Director the last time the BNLHS students put on this timeless classic was back in 2002.

" What really drew me to the show was the vocal talent at Bedford North Lawrence High School. Maybe I am biased, but I think that we have the most talented young singers in this program, and I chose this show for them," said Hayden.

The audience would have to agree with his statement with all the singers, able to reach the notes to perfection, along with the live orchestra making the production of this musical one of the best seen performances in a long time put on by the high school students.

What " The Sound of Music lacks in edge and spectacle makes up for with the sheer beauty of its music.

Video: The song - A Few of my Favorite Things

The Lawrence County Zephyr concludes all of the performers will be going places in the future, you may even see some as professional actors on the screen in Hollywood as they performed quite well during the almost three-hour performance.

The Sound of Music is based on "The Story of the Trapp Family Singers" by Maria von Trapp.

The Story of the Trapp Family Singers is a 1949 memoir written by Maria Von Trapp, whose life was fictionalized in Rogers and Hammerstein's Broadway production in 1959.

The book itself was published in 1949, with the book describing the life of von Trapp family from the beginnings in Salzburg, Austria, to their adventures in America where they escaped from Nazi - invaded Europe.

Video: Song So Long Farwell

The story reflecting on family tragedies, victories, and kindness of strangers who soon become friends to the young family.


  • Maria Rainer - Anngelina Harris

  • Captain Georg von Trapp - Eric Meyer

  • Lisel - Mary Korvela

  • Friederich - Lincoln Gabhart

  • Lousia - Kelsie Key

  • Kurt - Cash Kurtz

  • Brigitta - Lexi Parsley

  • Marta - Claire Miller

  • Gretel - Kenlyn Robbins

  • Rolf - Noah Jones

  • Mother Abbess - Timsil Goodman

  • Sister Berthe - Waverly Ward

  • Sister Margaretta - Rosie Patterson

  • Sister Sophia - Camryn Kurtz

  • Baroness Elsa Schraeder - Lil Conner

  • Franz - Kyle Givens

  • Frau Schmidt - Hadley Wegener

  • Max Detweiler - Noah Russell

  • Herr Zeller - Leto Allen

  • Baron Elberfeld - Gunner George

  • Admiral von Scriebler - Maya Fahr


  • Viktor Stucker, Hayleigh Davis, Emily Wright, Maya Fahr, Frank Decker


  • Music Director - Luke Foster Hayden

  • Stage Directors - Tiffani Kurtz, Luke Foster Hayden

  • Choreographer - Tiffani Kurtz

  • Assistant Director - Emmi Magers

  • Assistant Director assistant - Cameron Smith

  • Stage Manager - Emma Allender

  • Hair and Make Up - Molly Osmon

  • Stage crew - Nori Key, Jose Cruz, Isabel Mason, Danica Launder, Lilly Bagge, Marrisa Rodman


The LIVE Orchestra made this production very lively and added so much creativity to the musical.

Violin 1 - Alexander Regalado

Violin 2 - Rowan Lemaster

Cello - Michael Tynes

Harp - Victoria Ponella

Flute 1 - Hannah Fish

Flute 2 - Amy Price

Clarinet 1 - Kate Jolley

Clarinet 2 - Greyson Monroe

Trumpet 1 - Seth Price

Horn 1 - Brendan Brown

Horn 2 - Ladarion Hardison

Horn 3 - Natalie Smith

Trombone 1 - Bryce Carroll

Trombone 2 - Ethan Lehman

Tuba - Julien Gaudiet

Percussion - Caleb Jones

Conductor - Luke Foster Hayden

Special thanks go to Tiffani Kurtz, Jay Black, Trisha Magnus, Lillie Judge, Matthew Olson, and the construction classes at BNLHS, Andi Overmen, Emmi Magers and Sapphire Perez who was the behind-the-scenes individuals who put some of the final touches on the productions to make it a success.

A lot of time and effort went into the production and was very well executed by all mentioned above.

If you see any errors or omissions email

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Paid for by the committee to elect Dan Bortner for Bedford City Council At - Large

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