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Bedford Redevelopment Approves Paying Invoices on Spider Creek Lift Station project

BEDFORD - FEBRUARY 13, 2023 - The Bedford Redevelopment Commission approved the payment of three invoices for the Spider Creek Lift Station Project.

In addition, the payment to Lochmueller for the design and construction of the project was approved in the amount of $26,766.80 which is ongoing payment.

The Bedford Redevelopment Commission agreed to pay up to $2 Million on the project.

During their meeting on Monday afternoon the RDC approved the following:

  • Gripp Reimbursement Documents - $173,025.22

  • Lochmueller Group Reimbursement Documents Spider Creek Lift Station Project - $126,298.40

  • Spider Creek Miscellaneous Bills for the purchase of the Oak Manor Property - $54,474.78

The City of Bedford applied for a SWIFT Grant in the June 2021, and did not get funded. A grant application for the READI Grant and formulized what the RDC were to allocate for the project.

The bills were accursed for the engineering, and services through Lochmueller, Gripp was for the monitoring of overflows, and how much water flow comes into the Spider Creek Lift Station, purchase of the property, appraisal and court costs for the purchase of the Oak Manor property.

The total cost for the project is estimated at $19 Million. Due to the grants not being awarded the project will have to be re-bid at a later time.

Since the Joe Klumpp administration the City of Bedford has been addressing the sanitary sewer overflows from 2003-2008.

The project will address overflows in the area of 5th Street and provide upgrades along 22nd street for future housing developments in the area around the former George's Gateway property.

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