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110TH Baby Box Installed in Mitchell - Public Invited to the Blessing on Thursday

MITCHELL, INDIANA (JUNE 8, 2022) - The community is invited to attend the blessing of

the Mitchell, Indiana Safe Haven Baby Box at 11 AM EST on June 9th.

The event will occur at Mitchell Volunteer Fire Department located at 105 Doc Hamilton Blvd, Mitchell, IN 47446.

The Baby Box is the 84th in the state of Indiana which has seen four surrenders via Baby

Box so far this year.

Safe Haven Baby Boxes was founded by Monica Kelsey, who was abandoned as an infant.

Prior to founding Safe Haven Baby Boxes, she served her country spending eight years in

the military and then served her community as a firefighter/medic.

Now her life’s mission is to end infant abandonment with the aid of awareness and education on Safe Haven Laws.

Providing anonymous safe surrender locations through Safe Haven Baby Boxes is also key

to the mission.

Hooper Contracting help install Baby Box at the Mitchell Fire Station

Monica Kelsey authored “Blessed to Have Been Abandoned,” detailing her life and

journey to starting Safe Haven Baby Boxes, which quickly became an Amazon bestseller.

Kelsey stated, “This is a really cool experience to see a high school class become

invested in our cause to end infant abandonment and do the legwork to place a Baby Box

in their community. We are thrilled by their passion and excited to add Mitchell to the list of

communities protecting vulnerable members of their community through the Safe Haven

Baby Box.”

Former Mitchell High School Child Development Teacher Amy Redman explained, “What

began as a classroom project to educate our community about postpartum depression

turned into an extraordinary opportunity to learn about the mission of Safe Haven Baby

Boxes, gain communication and marketing skills, and experience the giving heart of

Mitchell. This is truly an unforgettable moment in our lives.”

Amy Redman

Students from Amy Redman’s former class will be speaking at the event as they pushed for

this resource to be available to the community and did the work to ensure it came to

fruition. Special thanks go to Mitchell Mayor, JD England, who moved the project along by

providing connections to the proper contacts along with Hoosier Uplands who helped with

fundraising. Safe Haven adoptive family, Tessa and Keegan Higgs will also be present at

the blessing along with their daughter Nola, who was surrendered in February of 2019 in


David Hooper owner of David Hooper Construction and Henry Shelter owner of Five Star Construction and Rick Butterfield handled the electrical work on this project

The Baby Box is a sophisticated device featuring climate control and a silent alarm system

that notifies first responders of a surrendered infant. The infant will be attended to within

five minutes, medically evaluated, and adopted within 30 to 45 days.

Nineteen infants have been placed in a Baby Box since 2017. Nationwide, 119

surrenders have resulted from calling the National Safe Haven Baby Box hotline. So far

this year there have been 5 surrenders via Safe Haven Baby Box. Safe Haven Baby

Boxes are currently available in Indiana, Ohio, Arkansas, Florida, Kentucky and New


For any questions Monica Kelsey will be on sight at this blessing. For more information

please contact Monica at


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