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What Qualities Should a School Board Member Have?

Editorial - LAWRENCE COUNTY - August 17, 2022 - The time to file to be a school board member is still open. Both Mitchell Community Schools and North Lawrence Community School Districts have openings for school board members.

North Lawrence Community School Board Meeting

The question will be what qualities a school board member should have?

In order to be an effective board member and to become a part of successful team requires learning how to interpret the budget, commitment both to the school corporation but to teachers and students, making sure the quality of education that supports the development of all children.

Probably one of the best attributes of a school board member is to listen, be able to agree and disagree and accept the group decision even if its not your choice in the decision made.

Focus on the children: Ensure the deliberation, discussion and action focus the best interest of every student. No one child is important than the other whether its athletics, band, choir, education, special needs, or high ability.

Represent the community and not the staff - The school board members may have more discussion with staff about issues, however the job of school members is to serve the trust of the community.

School board members serve the community as a whole and not a specific group such as certain parents, neighborhoods, communities, special education etc. You must serve the entire community. As a school board member you must be able to stand for all of them.

School board member must respect other opinions on issues and encourage them to speak their opinion and listen to them respectively.

Use your expertise to inform other board members. This can include law, accounting, construction etc.

Beware of the community and staff perception of the board. Make sure the board is prepared, honest, ethical, open and transparent, not self-serving. Beware of how they will interpret behaviors, and decisions.

Be sure to think about the group picture of things verses on management and staff issues. All school boards should keep governance in mind.

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