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What is Lawrence County Most Pressing needs? If you were elected what would you do to address it?

LAWRENCE COUNTY - JULY 20, 2023 - There are many issues that many communities across Lawrence County is needing. Communities on are corners of Lawrence County would like to see things for the better.

This is a survey to see what your feelings are on a variety of topics and issues.

If you were an elected official during this budget cycle, what would you like to see your elected official address?

Name ten good things about Lawrence County!

Name the top three issues you feel needs to be addressed!

Do you feel Lawrence County is the best place on earth?

After annexation of the Englewood area 29th Street still lacks sidewalks

Since the fire station on 29th Street was first built in the late 70s

Is your water safe?

Is our roadways safe and what do you think Indiana State Road 37 needs to make it safe?

What do you think about the education and how do you think we need to prepare our community for the future?

Do you feel like plenty of attention has been made for our local roads and bridges?

What buildings do you believe in saving?

Has tax abatements brough economic growth to Lawrence County?

With pay raises why and take home police cars why are many police officers and firefighters leaving their jobs for other departments?

Should all volunteer fire departments merge into one department?

Do you believe local youth have plenty of activities to do in your community?

Does your community have a local park?

Should government fund buildings for private business?

Does Lawrence County have plenty of health care options?

What is your overall view of Lawrence County?

How would you rate our local elected leaders in your community?

What are the good things about Lawrence County?

What are issues you think need addressed that was not identified? Any positive comments you would like to add!

Please go to the Lawrence County Zephyr Facebook page and put your responses in the comment section, or in the comment section of this news feature.


1420 L Street Bedford, Indiana

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Jul 20, 2023

yes more areas need sidewalks especially an access to Aldi or repairs of current sidewalks

water in the southern part of the county needs attention majorly

we need a labor and delivery department in our local hospital babies can come in minutes and complications can occur in less time than it is to get to the closest hospital that has those options

there Needs to be more options for our youth

all intersections along 37 and other areas with high wreck levels need more police presence to catch possible problem drivers also by looking at past wrecks. In those locations to see the patterns is it because of people driving recklessly or something else

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