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Voting very slow in Lawrence County Saturday

MTICHELL - OCTOBER 28, 2023 - Voting continues to be very slow as only 61 have cast their ballots in this week's Early Voting before Saturday.

Photo: Don Caudell smiles as he greets voters Saturday at the Mitchell Community Center

Only four people cast their ballots as of 2:00 pm Saturday at voter registration for Saturday's early voting.

A total of 38 cast their votes at the Mitchell Community Center as of 2:30 pm at the Mitchell Community Center.

There is only one Bedford City council race that is contested as only one Democrat challenged a Republican in Bedford City Council District 5.

Republican Kathy Blackburn is being challenged by Don George in Bedford City Council District 5.

Photo: Poll workers are very important during any election

City of Mitchell has a Mayor and two city council races being contested.

This is as Republican and former Mayor Dan Terrell is being challenged by Democrat candidate and former city council member Joey Slone in the Mitchell City Council District 3 race.

Dan Terrell worked at getting votes early Saturday morning with his neighbor Slone.

Photo: Democrat Joey Slone works getting votes at the Mitchell Community Center on Saturday afternoon.

No Republicans or Democrats are running in Mitchell City Council District 2 race. Chris L. Carlisle and William James Erdle both Independents will face off.

In Oolitic all the candidates won their seats.

The Lawrence County Zephyr will monitor developments in this year's election. On election day only contested races will be covered.

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