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Video: Lawrence County Council Meeting 3-29-2022 - Lawrence County VFD's Part 2 Portion

LAWRENCE COUNTY - ( March 29, 2022) - Lawrence County Volunteer Fire Departments makes Lawrence County Council aware of their service and tax savings to the community.

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Paul Gillespie
Paul Gillespie
Mar 30, 2022

Some clarification on the numbers given to the County Council during the meeting. The calls are only for the volunteer departments outside of the city limits of Bedford City. The reason that Bedford City Fire was not reflected in the report is that Lawrence County Dispatch is responsible for dispatching Perry Fire, Marshall Fire, Pleasant Run Fire, Indian Creek Fire, Oolitic Fire, Shawswick Fire, Huron Fire, Marion Fire and Mitchell Fire solely. These are all volunteer fire departments. Bedford City Fire, IU ambulance and Seals ambulance are dispatched by Lawrence county and Bedford City dispatch. The only full set of data we receive is from Lawrence county dispatch. We did not ask for data from Bedford City dispatch on Bedford…

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