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UAW workers may hit picket lines in the next couple of weeks - Negotiations are underway

BEDFORD - SEPTEMBER 3, 2023 - This Labor Day weekend many local UAW members are worried about a looming strike.

The United Auto Workers from General Motors local plant may hit the picket line with the current national contract is set to expire on September 14th.

Photo: The local UAW Union Hall located on Lincoln Avenue and John Williams Blvd

The largest demand by the UAW is for increase in wages for employees.

The United Auto Workers have also filed a complaint with the Nation Labor Board contending that General Motors have not negotiated in good faith.

Lawrence County Zephyr will be following the developments on the negotiations. An interview with Derek Cronin, President Local UAW 440 will take place later this week.

The GM Powertrain local plant employs more than 700 employees. The last strike happened in September 2019 and in 2007 there was a two-day work stoppage.

The strike in 2019, lasted into October with UAW members voting in favor of a four-year contract. The six-week strike cost GM nearly $2 billion in lost production and employees nearly $1 billion in lost wages.

The final contract in 2019, was not a real victory for the union members four small wins and a major loss.

In 2019, there were approximately 703 UAW members, however, there have been layoffs recently at the local plant.

Local residents supported the local GM employees in the previous strike and the UAW members are preparing for another extended strike.


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