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Two Traffic accidents in four days keep emergency crews busy at 16th Street and Indiana SR 37

BEDFORD - NOVEMBER 10, 2023 - Two traffic accidents in four days have kept emergency crews from the Bedford Police Department, Bedford Fire Department and IU Health Lifeline Ambulance busy at 16th Street and Indiana State Road 37.

Photo: A traffic accident Thursday night at Indiana State Road 37 and 16th Street is the second accident in four days have kept emergency crews busy. Photo provided by Gobsmacked

The accident Thursday night was reported around 6:00 pm sending Bedford Police, Bedford Fire Department, IU Lifeline Ambulance and Stone City Collision to the scene.

Photo provided by Gobsmacked

A second accident on Saturday night at 9:42 pm for a two vehicle accident at the same location. The Indiana Department of Transportation sent crews Saturday night to the location.

Bedford Police is investigating both accidents and have not released any information on either of the two accidents.

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Caleb Bay
Caleb Bay
11 nov 2023

They slow down to 40 way back before 5th street and then when they finally get to their left turn they nearly stop in the left lane before sharply entering the last 20ft of the 200ft turning lane. Its as if they all got their license yesterday. From Indianapolis to Bloomington there will only be a couple left lane losers. From Bloomington to Bedford it shifts to mostly left lane losers and people going 40 in the 60.

Me gusta
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