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Transmission Line Out In UDWI Area

AREA - ( February 3, 2022) - Utilities District Western Indiana ( UDWI) is reporting a transmission line is damaged.

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This is the information the utility is reporting.

“We just lost the transmission line feeding our Freeman Substation, which serves the area around Whitehall, New Hope, and Little Flock. We will update you when we know more from our supplier,“

Jackson County REMC reported an outage in the Pleasant Grove area.

The Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department is reporting the following.

“Please drive carefully, it is slick. Crews from Duke Energy and Townsend Tree Services are working on a tree down in the 3000 block of Old Farm Rd, “

Lawrence County Sheriff Department

Duke energy has three outages in the Bedford area.

With the previous icing of limbs, tres and the galloping of power lines more outages are expected throughout the state.

Most of the outages have been fixed quickly.


We will continue to provide updates on the Winter Storm throughout the weekend.

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