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The Lights Shine Down on Terry Cole Field Friday Night

MITCHELL - SEPTEMBER 17, 2022 - The lights are being shown down on Mitchell, and they definitely were shining down on the Terry Cole Field Friday night.

There are some good things happening in Mitchell and the community should proud of the many accomplishments that the school corporation is as well as the City of Mitchell itself, have made.

Good things come to those who wait, and many things are good things are in store for Mitchell in the future.

Kevin Cling Mitchell Bluejackets Head Football Coach

" I really appreciate the community coming out, it was awesome. We had a huge crowd pre-game. Appreciate the Mitchell Community letting come in and coach their kids," said Kevin Kling Mitchell Football Head Coach.

Dr. Brent Comer talks with the Mitchell Football Hall of Fame Inductees

" This has been a long time coming, it is great to see the entire community out this evening. We did it for them, we did it for our kids, we did it for the community of Mitchell," said Dr. Brent Comer Superintendent Mitchell Community Schools. " It is so great the night is finally here. There is a lot of good things happening for Mitchell, Supt. Comer reflected on. " This is just step one; from the school side of it. There are a lot of things going on not school related, but this is fruition of phase one. We got a new fieldhouse, new baseball and softball field, new STEM/STEAM area," added Dr. Comer.

Mitchell Community School President Chris Shaw (left) and Patrick Redman cooks hamburgers and hotdogs Friday night

" This feels great, this has been a long time coming, we were able to do these projects without any tax increases," said Mitchell Community School Board President Chris Shaw.

" We would like to thank, Sprint Turf for everything, we are doing this evening, and we allowed everyone in free for tonight's inaugural evening," added Shaw.

Mitchell Junior High School football players say they cannot wait to play on the new turf field

" We love the environment and wanted to see the new football field," said Copper McFadden a Mitchell Junior High School football player. Cooper says he is aggressive football player and cannot wait to play on the new turf football field.

Friday night was the first evening the Bluejackets got to play on the new turf ; and there was many firsts for the school corporation. The Marching Band " The Sound of the Swarm" performed for the very first time and will compete in the Paoli Invitational Saturday morning.

" This will be our first competition, this is very exciting for our marching band students, and I am excited for our staff. We are thrilled to be able to perform on the new turf this evening.

Friday night the group performed a Jazz Classic 1924.

At half-time the first Hall of Fame Inductees were honored, and Lawrence County Zephyr will have another story on the Hall of Fame Inductees.

In addition, at the conclusion of Friday night's game; former players and cheerleaders were allowed to walk around on the new turf and reminisce about their days of playing and cheering on the Bluejackets over the years.

The evening was a celebration of the many accomplishments of the students, school corporation and a win for the Bluejackets. We will highlight the game in another story.

A photo album including video will be available in another feature taking in the sights and sounds of Friday night events.

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