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St.Vincent Thrift Store Theft Suspect arrested for burglary of Mitchell home

MITCHELL - JUNE 16, 2023 - The Mitchell Police Department reports that Cody Keefe was seen entering a home in Mitchell.

The Mitchell Police Department was called while Keefe was inside a residence. Officer Mitchell Police officer Bargo and Sgt. Rob German was close behind who caught Keefe a few yards away.

According to Mitchell Police Department Keefe resisted arrested and was tased. Keefe has been charged with residential, burglary, and resisting arrest.

On June 3, 2023, the Lawrence County Zephyr wrote and editorial about Keefe stealing $20 of clothing from the St. Vincent clothing store.

Keefe was arrested on May 30, 2023, on a Level - 6 Felony for theft with a prior conviction. Keefe has previous drug convictions and possession of paraphernalia from 2019.

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Jun 16, 2023

He deserves jail time! He's a habitual offender!!

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