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SPRINGVILLE - MARCH 14, 2023 - The request for a school resource officer at the Springville Community Academy is being considered by county officials.

Springville Community Academy

At this time the proposal is being reviewed by Lawrence County Attorney David Smith. The county will not be providing any funding for the request as the SCA will be responsible for all costs.

The school will be paying for the request from a Homeland Security Grant.

Sheriff Day pointed out there were three ways that his department could provide an SRO, with Day favoring this plan.

The SRO will only be limited to law enforcement powers to the school property and must follow the rules and regulations of the Lawrence County Sheriff's Department. The officer must complete training, provided by the Lawrence County Sheriff's Department and all equipment such as firearms will be the same as LCPD.

The SRO must already have attended the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy and had police powers before serving in this role. This person will not be a new person, that is off the street who has not had any law enforcement experience.

The sheriff's department is looking at donating a 2000 Crown Victoria to the school. The school will have the vehicle transferred to SCA and responsible for the maintenance, and costs associated with the vehicle. It was not made clear why, the school itself would need a vehicle if the SRO would be confined to the school grounds.

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