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Springville Academy and Indiana Agriculture & Technology Announce Partnership

SPRINGVILLE, INDIANA, ( April 5 )- Springville Community Academy, a new public charter school located in Springville, announced today that it has entered into a partnership with the Indiana Agriculture & Technology School (IATS), a statewide public charter school, allowing an expansion of the grades that the school can accept in the upcoming school year.

Springville Academy is chartered by Ball State University and allowed to enroll students up to the sixth grade while IATS offers grades 7-12. “Our community has been vocal in wanting

to allow seventh and eighth grade students to enroll in our school,” said Albert Cross, board President for the Academy.

“This partnership empowers our school to meet local needs while expanding our curriculum and opportunities for our students.” Indiana Agriculture & Technology School (IATS) is a public, tuition free, hybrid charter school servicing grades 7-12. As a hybrid school, the IATS Core curriculum is driven by an online platform, while career focused classes utilize in-person learning. In this innovative and dynamic learning environment, students work towards the Indiana Core 40 diploma, while being introduced to exciting opportunities post-graduation, said Keith Marsh, Executive Director.

IATS is powered by a team of professional educators. The school provides student with rich, engaging learning opportunities through the Edgenuity™ program, which is aligned with Indiana Core 40 standards. IATS faculty focuses on providing each student with a customized curriculum that meets personal academic needs.

This individualized coursework improves independence, communication, and self-advocacy skills to help students achieve their fullest potential and realize future academic and career goals.

“IATS is looking forward to the partnership with Springville Community Academy,” Marsh continued, “Our school offers the additional grades that will allow Springville to offer a full elementary, middle school and eventually high school to area students. Our hybrid model will provide each student with the flexibility to attend in person or online learning. Our plans include providing local faculty and support staff within the Springville Community Academy school to accommodate the needs of middle school students in the upcoming

school year.”

IATS will roll its program offerings out at an open house presentation scheduled for 6:30 on April 14 at the Springville School. All students and parents interested are urged to attend.

IATS opened in 2018 and now operates regional campuses in Indiana, farm campuses in Trafalgar and Stendal, plus classrooms in Rensselaer and Evansville. Students are given the option to attend in-person or virtually.

Springville Academy is enrolling students for the upcoming school year and will start classes in August 2022.

For more information and/or how you can enroll, please go to our website at or call our offices at (317) 953-1302 to talk with a school representative.


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