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Updated: Jan 4, 2023

LAWRENCE COUNTY - JANUARY 3, 2023 - Lawrence County Sheriff Greg Day only three days on the job and attended today's Lawrence County Commissioners meeting, introducing his staff.

NEW Lawrence County Sheriff Greg Day gives reports and introduces his staff to Lawrence County Commissioners

Day told the Lawrence County Commissioners that thanks to former Sheriff Mike Branham the transition was a lot easier. " I am more prepared than ever, because of this," said Day.

Staff of Lawrence County Sheriff Department include:

  • Chief Deputy - Tony Seidle

  • Brandon Blackwell - Major

  • Chief Matron Karen Bean

  • Jail Commander - Andrew Lynn

  • Office staff - Deana Wires

The jail and dispatch are still understaffed with the need for three dispatchers and five jail officers which include 3 male jailers, and 2 female jailers.

Day advised the commissioners that due to officers attending law enforcement training over the summer the road deputies will also have staffing issues.

" I really feel good about how things are going at this time. Tony and I started at midnight and put in 7 to 8 hours. The next day we put in another 12-13 hours," Day added.

Sheriff Day gave the commissioners a Commissary report. This has been a huge savings to the county. A new police car with the funds back in July.

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