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Shawswick School supply list released

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

BEDFORD - JULY 25, 2023 - Here is a school supply list for the Shawswick Elementary School.

Shawswick Elementary School

Kindergarten through Sixth Grade

Supply List for 2023-2024 School Year


3-boxes of tissues

1-pkg. 12 count pencils

1-pkg. Pink erasers-no pencil top

2-boxes 24 count crayons

2-2 pocket folders

6-glue sticks

1-wide ruled spiral notebook

Top half blank, Bottom half lined

1-4 pkg. Skinny dry erase pens with eraser

1-pencil box

1-box ziplock/slider baggies (assorted size)

1-pkg washable markers

1-tub disinfecting wipes

1-8 oz or bigger hand sanitizer-pump bottle



1-reusable water bottle

First Grade

2-pkg white index cards

1-pair scissors

4-vinyl folders with pockets

2-plastic pencil boxes

4-boxes 24 ct crayons

1-2 -boxes of tissues

1-pkg 24 pre-sharpened pencils

1-pkg pink erasers-no pencil top

2-glue sticks

1-wide ruled spiral notebook

1- 4pack skinny dry erase markers

1-pkg regular washable markers

1-tub clorox wipes

1-large bottle of hand sanitizer



Second Grade

1-pair scissors

4-folders with pockets(red,green,blue,yellow)

1-pencil box

2-boxes of 24ct crayons

3-boxes tissues

2-pkg 24ct pencils

1-pkg pink erasers

4-glue sticks

2-spiral notebooks (75-150 pgs)

2-pkg of 4ct expo dry erase markers

1-pkg pencil top erasers

1-pkg regular washable markers

1-tub disinfecting wipes

1-headphone or earbuds


1-pkg of post-it notes

Boys: 1 box of gallon size slider baggies

Girls: 1 box of sandwich size slider baggies

Third Grade

3-spiral notebooks

6-glue sticks

1-12 in/centimeter ruler

1-pkg colored pencils

1-pkg 24ct Crayola crayons

10-#2 pencils

1-Fiskar scissors

1-headphone or earbuds

2- folders - 2 pocket

1-pkg ziplock baggies

1-pkg pencil top erasers

3-black Expo dry erase markers-fine point

2-hand sanitizers

1-pkg Lysol wipes


Fourth Grade 4-plastic folders(different colors) 4-pkgs pencils 2-boxes crayons 2-large erasers 1-pair of scissors 4-pkg loose leaf paper 1-pencil box or bag 1-headphone or earbuds-no bluetooth 1-water bottle 4-boxes tissues 4-Skinny black dry erase markers 2-pkgs Clorox wipes 4-6 - glue sticks 1-pkg index cards Girls-one box gallon size baggies Boys-one box sandwich size baggies Fifth Grade 4-boxes of tissues 30-pre-sharpened pencils 4-plastic folders-different colors 1-box colored pencils 1-box of crayons 1-box of markers 1-pkg pencil top erasers or large eraser 2-containers of Clorox wipes 6-dry erase markers 2-glue sticks 1-headphones 1-pair scissors 2-pkg loose leaf paper-wide ruled 1-water bottle 1-pencil box 2-composition notebooks-wide ruled 2-highlighters 1-bottle sanitizer Optional: erasable pens

Sixth Grade 2-boxes of tissues 1-headphone or earbuds-no bluetooth 4-folders, 2 pocket, no prongs Red, blue, green, yellow 1-pkg pre-sharpened pencils 1-box of crayons and/or colored pencils 1-small hand sanitizer 1-pencil pouch/box, big enough to hold your items 1-pkg loose leaf paper-college ruled 1-water bottle, no glass


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