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Seymour Resource Officers Uses Youth Boot Camp Focuses on Law Enforcement and Fire Service

SEYMOUR - JUNE 16, 2022 - The Seymour School Resource Officer Youth Camp. The youth camp is focused on the aspects of law enforcement and the fire service.

The campers started off the morning with the pledge of allegiance and instructor introductions. They then moved right into formation and drill and how important it is to be a team. After a little drill, the campers learned all about police vehicles, the dangers of tobacco, vaping, and drugs. The morning session concluded with a friendly competition of balloon toss.

Lunch was provided by Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 108. Investigators with the Seymour Police Department served the campers hot dogs, chips, and a little something for that sweet tooth. The campers also had plenty of water and Gatorade for the hot day. There might have been a few snacks involved too.

The afternoon session began with a Taser demonstration. The campers then moved into the drunk goggles portion. This simulated a person being impaired after consuming alcohol or using drugs. The afternoon session concluded with a K-9 demonstration. The campers learned alot about the working police dog. They even got to spend a little time getting to know K-9 Turbo.

Seymour School Resource Officer Instructors were Officer Chadd Rogers, Officer Jason Wynn, Officer Jeremy Helmsing, and Officer Keith Williams. Special guest instructors were Sgt. Brian Moore and Officer Tim Toborg. The crew serving lunch were Lt. C. J. Foster, Cpl. Adam Surface, Detective Chris Franklin, and Detective Mike Pyane.

The Seymour Police Department would like to thank Columbus Police Department (Indiana) School Resource Officer Eric Stevens for coming down and helping out.

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