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Serving the Heltonville Community for more than 53 years Gary Faubion Memorialized by IVFA

HELTONVILLE - MARCH 23, 2023 - Gary Faubion proudly carried several titles in his life. Those titles being husband, father, grandfather, friend, farmer and many more.

Photo: Gary Faubion and his wife Janet married for 31 years

Many words could describe Gary, many of his friends, and family shared many memories of a man that dedicated himself to many causes, organizations, and most of all his family.

To his wife Janet, at times, there were questions to which pecking order Gary was the most devoted to. Gary joined the Pleasant Run Volunteer Fire Department at the age of 16.

The Indiana Volunteer Firefighter Association Chaplain Rachel Bussey shared a story, by Janet his wife; during the memorial service led by the Indiana Volunteer Firefighter Association District 17-B Thursday night.

Photo: Times Mail newspaper account of Pleasant Run Twp. 50 years of service in 2011

Gary Faubion joined the Pleasant Run Township Volunteer Fire Department in November of 1961 and hanging up his helmet in November 2014. Faubion serving more than 53 years as a volunteer firefighter for the Heltonville community, and more than 62 years as member of the Indiana Volunteer Firefighter Association earning him they status as a Lifetime member of the organization. Faubion receiving his Gold Card from the IVFA.

Photo: Times Mail account of Pleasant Run Twp. receiving funds

Faubion, filled many roles and responsibilities within the Pleasant Run Township Volunteer Fire Department with his highest rank being Assistant Fire Chief.

The Pleasant Run Township Volunteer Fire Department success comes from Faubion who believed in the cause of the organization.

Halfway through his time on the fire department he married Janet, and the couple married for 31 years.

According to Janet's story, she did not get him soon enough to train him. " He has already been trained as a firefighter. And so those Gary, served with at the fire department was his second family," said Janet.

Photo: Times Mail account of Gary Faubion receiving the Indiana Governor Meritorious Service Award presented by Indiana Fire Marshal Chief Deputy Mike Bigler

" This was evident before they even got married. No memory as vivid as one Christmas Eve, when Gary visited Janet, he hidden an ornament on the Christmas tree. But, before he could say anything, a dispatch went out for a large house fire. Gary responding to the fire and came by the next morning and wanted to know whether Janet located her surprise. Of course, she did not know what he was talking about because he left, after being told to search her tree; she finally finding a golden ornament and inside a diamond ring, we assume Janet said yes,"

Gary, loved farming, tending to his cattle and his church.

With his down to earth manner and many jokes, pranks and other things, memories of Gary will always bring a smile who came to know and love him. In fact, Gary himself had a smile that could never be forgotten.

Even in his final hours delivering that same kind of jokes and fun.

Video: Final Call former Pleasant Run Assistant Fire Chief Gary Faubion

The Indiana Volunteer Firefighter Association Memorial Service honors the memory and legacy of the volunteer firefighters who contributed to the organization and their local volunteer fire departments who have died. During the viewing the IVFA presents a bible and grave marker to the family that will be a lasting token of appreciation to their members.

This news story came from Gary's IVFA 17-B Memorial Service this evening.

Photo: Gary Faubion's Obituary provided by Ferguson Lee Funeral Home

Today, we salute you for your service and life that may always be remembered. Let us honor the memory of Gary Faubion.

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