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Senator Mike Braun Talks Veterans Issues on Wednesday In Bedford

BEDFORD - JULY 7, 2022 - United State Senator Mike Braun visited local veterans Wednesday at Smokin Jim's in Bedford to talk about issues they are facing.

U.S. Senator Mike Braun visited Bedford on Wednesday

Veterans from Greene, Daviess, Lawrence and Monroe Counties asked Braun questions about healthcare, benefits and better communication from Washington D.C. on programs and information about various issues affecting them.

Lawrence County Veterans Affairs Officer Brad Bough invited U.S. Senator to Lawrence County on Wednesday to talk veteran's issues. The meeting was held at Smokin jim's

The meeting lasted about forty-five minutes to one hour with the conversations similar to those in past visits. Including better access to health care in southern Indiana or allowing veterans to use local health care providers and clinics in their own communities.

The event was organized by Brad Bough Lawrence County Veterans Affairs Officer and invited the local veterans, local elected officials and local media to the event.

Braun advised those who attended if they have any issues to contact John Webster who is in the State of Indiana such as trying to get appointments or hitting roadblocks on issues.

  • Robert Courson Assistant Veterans Affairs Officer- Public Service announcement on U.S. Department Affairs or State on three critical items a veteran need to access benefits which include the DD214 Direct: DD214 Form, NGB22 form, NB256 forms for honorable discharge of National Guard Soldiers who served. This expedites in getting assistance from VA Benefits and assistance. The veteran needs to take to county Recorder's Office. Second thing contact county DSO Officer. Thirdly, Veterans need to be aware of disabilities and diseases related to their veterans' service. Beware of Agent Orange, Camp Linguine Drinking Water Issue, and Burn pits in Afghanistan.

  • Lindsey Smith who is 69 years of age Disabled - Local Veterans Representative in Monroe County talking about his disability being reduced from 100 percent to 90 percent. He was evaluated by a NP and not a Physician. There are 10 percent increments in determining

  • Mike Wright - Lawrence County Council member talked about the need for a medical facility locally for veterans or be able to access local medical facilities for medical care instead of having to drive to Evansville, Louisville, or Indianapolis for medical care.

  • Braun stated that the federal government cannot spend more than it takes in. When he arrived in Washington D.C. three years ago; the federal deficit was at $18 million, it is $30 Trillion, the blueprint is proposed at $45 Million

  • Issues outside of the veterans' concerns travel throughout Indiana, pre-COVID, the issue was workforce development. Now the issue is when the federal government incentives staying at home and not working and shuttering the economy to boot. The federal mandate to employee in order to work you must take the vaccine we voted on the Congressional Review Act which every Republican voted for and couple Democrats, Supreme Court sided to getting rid of the crazy idea. The issue continues, and the policies only get remedied at the ballot box. In Indiana the issue is workforce, Broadband, and Affordable Housing are the main issued affecting, Hoosiers.

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