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Ron Kellams Still Doing What He Loves - Ron's Quick Lube and Auto Parts in Mitchell

MITCHELL - JUNE 10, 2022 - Most people at the age of 82 years of age, have retired and are sitting in their rocking chair, and taking a midafternoon nap.

Ron Kellams stands outside his business 904 Main Street in Mitchell

However, Ron Kellams has no intention of slowing down and plans to die doing what he has always known, being a mechanic.

" I started working on cars in high school, working on vehicles for my classmates back in the days of attending Springs Valley High School. That was back in 1954, and in 1958 I started my own business," said Ron Kellams.

Except for about 12 years of being in the Springs Valley area Ron Kellams have been a fixture to the Mitchell community.

Ron works on a vehicle at his shop Thursday morning. Ron has been working on vehicles ever since he was a high school student

His business at 904 Main Street offers a full-service of auto repair and care, with an auto supply within his shop. The business being opened Monday - Fridays from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Kellams has two other employees to help him working on vehicles.

Residents have come to trust his work. " I had a lady stop by the other day, saying I need you to work on my car. You are the only one I trust. The lady needing a full service on her vehicle," said Kellams.

Zach Flynn works on a vehicle at Ron's Auto Supplies and Quick Lube

The auto repair business have evolved for Kellams who says now it takes computers to diagnose some of the issues with cars. Kellams have changed with the times.

" This is what I want to die doing, It truly is what I love to do," said Kellams

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