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Proposal to Vacate Streets and Towing Lot Await Final Approval Until Next City Council Meeting

BEDFORD - MAY 17 - 2022 - A public hearing and city council meeting was held on Monday night to discuss the proposal to vacate two streets. The council also heard about a proposed tow lot and storage facility to be located at 1600 State Road 450.

The request by Delmar and Tara M. Tackett and Leroy and Sandra Smith to vacate a street located at 1902 19th Street and request by Richard K. and Deitra Dian Sluder located at 1321 T Street was approved up unto the 2nd passage.

Both parties were represented by David Smith who asked that the proposal be approved with the third and final passage during the city council meeting Monday night.

City council member Dan Bortner opposed the third and final passage to give the public one more chance to hear and object to the proposal.

Bortner told both parties that he supported the proposal but wanted the public to have plenty of time to respond.

Under the previous administration many of the votes of the previous Bedford City Council were passed without leaving the public time to respond to any passages of ordinances or proposals.

Proposal for a tow lot and storage facility at 1600 block of State Road 450 was approved up to the 2nd passage - City Council members Dan Bortner and Brad Bough opposed the third and final passage until next city council meeting

In other business:

  • Approved the third and final passage to amend the zoning map for Mike Wood 1820 Washington Avenue form a B-1 to R-2 zoning change.

  • City council members also gave PipJay Properties approval for a zoning change up to the 2nd passage from a B-2 Central Business District to I-1 Zoning change. However, council members Dan Bortner and Brad Bough both opposed a third and final passage for a proposed tow lot and future storage business to be located at 1600 State Road 450. Bough wanted homeowners to be given the opportunity to respond to the zoning change and proposed business. The Bedford Plan Commission last week approved the proposal after hearing concerns from Hillard Lewis who owns Jim Day's Furniture located across the street. Lewis did not oppose the proposed business and thanked them for answering questions, as well as addressing his concerns.

The Bedford Plan Commission placed stipulations in order for the zoning to be approved, that a fence must be placed with mesh to keep the public from seeing inside the tow lot.

In addition, no vehicle will be left on the property more than 30 days. Environmental concerns and hazardous materials releases will be handled by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management. The business will be subject to inspection by the Bedford Plan Commission to ensure the business is complying with the no more the 30 day of storage stipulation.


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