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PHOTO OF THE DAY: NOVEMBER 20, 2022, By-Standers Save The Day in fiery crash

There are times when things happen so quickly that people of all walks of life just pitch in and do what needs to be done.

On Friday night, around 9:30 p.m. a traffic accident happened with a vehicle crash on Indiana State Road 37 near the Avoca turnoff.

Within minutes the passing motorists quickly took action to save a woman's life, after her vehicle crash and immediately caught fire.

Without their actions there is no doubt the outcome would have been very much different. Sometimes you just risk your own life to save another, no questions asked, does not matter who they are, you just do it.

The family of the motorist told the Lawrence County Zephyr that the woman was released from the hospital the very next day and is doing fine.

The family wanted to reach out to the some of the rescuers and Lawrence County Zephyr was able to connect them. At this time the accident report is not available.

We are hoping to reach out to the rescuers for a story on what they did that night, and reaction to the incident.

At this time join Lawrence County Zephyr in thanking the by-standers who saved a life Friday night.

This is truly a Thanksgiving Story!

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