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Overdose Victim Transported to Hospital - Drug Dealer Arrested

OOLITIC - JULY 15, 2022 -Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department Sergeant Anthony Pope, Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department Deputy Robin Compton, Oolitic Fire Chief Ted Maze, Oolitic Fire Department Assistant Chief Isaac Fender, IU Health Lifeline EMS, and Marshal Harrington responded to an overdose on Indiana Avenue, on Wednesday 07/13/2022 at 9:28 pm.

Upon arrival, Deputy Compton and Marshal Harrington located an adult male individual who was unresponsive, and they immediately administered CPR. Chief Maze, Sergeant Pope, Assistant Chief Fender, and EMS arrived shortly afterwards, and they assisted with providing CPR to the individual.

While performing CPR, EMS and fire personnel administered Naloxone (Narcan) to the individual, they were able to locate a pulse, and EMS transported the individual to IU Health Bedford for treatment. Marshal Harrington and Oolitic Marshal's Office Chief Deputy Gregory Hagan interviewed the individual’s girlfriend and they learnt that he ingested Roxicodone (Oxicodone) 30 mg that he purchased from an adult male individual who resides in Bedford.

Marshal Harrington applied for and was granted a search warrant for the individual’s residence by the Honorable Robert Cline, on Thursday 07/14/2022. Lawrence County Prosecutor’s Office Chief Investigator Ryan Duckett, Mitchell Police Officer Michael Bargo, and Marshal Harrington executed the search warrant on the individual’s residence at 9:14 pm (07/14/2022).

Investigator Duckett detained the individual, Marshal Harrington read the individual the search warrant, Investigator Duckett read the individual his Advice of Rights (Miranda), and Marshal Harrington escorted the individual to his patrol car. Investigator Duckett and Officer Bargo located and seized a clear plastic Ziploc bag that contains 54 grams of suspected Marijuana, a clear plastic Ziploc bag that contains approximately 100 small blue pills that weigh 13 grams, a clear plastic Ziploc bag that contains two small blue pills that weigh 2 grams, $170.00 in U.S. currency, a cellular phone, and a digital scale.

The individual admitted that he sold the individual who overdosed the pills, he stated that he sells the pills for $20.0 and $25.00, and Investigator Duckett transported the individual to the Lawrence County Prosecutor’s Office.

ISP Sergeant Greg Day interviewed the individual, and he advised Sergeant Day that the pills are pressed pills and they’re laced with Fentanyl. At the conclusion of the interview, Investigator Duckett transported the individual to the Lawrence County Security Center where he was remanded for the following offenses.

1. Dealing in a Narcotic Drug, Level 2 Felony.

2. Possession of a Narcotic Drug, Level 4 Felony.

3. Dealing in Marijuana, Class A Misdemeanor.

4. Possession of Marijuana, Class B Misdemeanor.

This is an ongoing investigation, and it’s possible thaat additional charges might be submitted to the Lawrence County Prosecutor’s Office for review.

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