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Orange County Sheriff's Department receiving numerous Trespass Complaints as mushroom season is underway

ORANGE COUNTY - APRIL 18, 2024 - The Orange County Sheriff's Department has been receiving multiple complaints of trespassing complaints as mushroom hunters make their way on private land.

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Always ask for permission before hunting on their property.

Indiana takes trespassing laws seriously and values property rights, with specific laws in place to safeguard private property from unwanted entry and damage.

• There are two types of trespassing in Indiana: criminal trespass, which is a misdemeanor punishable by fines, and civil trespass, which occurs when a person enters someone's property without permission and with no intention to commit a crime.

• There are exceptions to trespassing laws in Indiana, such as certain circumstances where officers or public workers have legal rights to access the property.

• Penalties for trespassing in Indiana vary depending on the circumstances, with Class A and Class B misdemeanors carrying different fines and jail time.

• Property owners in Indiana may be liable for injuries to trespassers, including children, under certain circumstances, such as if the property owner knew or should have known that trespassers were likely to enter the property or if the property owner maintains a dangerous condition on their property that could attract children, known as the attractive nuisance doctrine.

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