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Update :Orange County Firefighters Are Scene of a Mobile Home Fire

ORLEANS - (March 1, 2022) - The Orange County District 2 and Orleans Fire Departments are on the scene of a mobile home fire.

The incident reported just around 9: 20 p.m. The location of the fire is in the 6500 block of County Road 100 West. At the time of the dispatch the caller did not know whether everyone escaped the fire.

" We confirmed that everyone got out safely, and the two children there was concerned about was located safe," said Steve Sallee Assistant Fire Chief Orange County Rural District # 2.

Members of the Orange County Rural District 2, Orleans Fire, Orleans Police Department, IU Lifeline Ambulance Orange County and Orange County REMC responded to the incident.

Assistant Fire Chief Steve Sallee will be releasing a press release at a later time.

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