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OOLITIC - DECEMBER 1, 2022 - The town of Oolitic conducted their regular Town Council meeting on Monday.

During the meeting the Town Council learned the following:

  • The Town of Oolitic will be upgrading it streetlights in the early Spring of 2023. This will be done at no additional costs to the town.

  • New business owners Tevin Norman and Shane Stremming introduced themselves who purchased the England Dentist Office located on Hoosier Avenue. The two will be using the office space for the stone business and there will be three apartments upstairs within the next year. In addition, another business involving stone samples will also be operating out of the location within the next year. The two say they are excited about being part of the community.

  • Invoices totaling $1075.31 for repairs and upgrades of F-450 truck was approved

  • The council discussed vacating property on 11th Street for Kevin and Kathleen Bullock and town attorney Greg Pittman will be working with the Bullocks to notify neighboring property owners.

  • The Town of Oolitic will remain an " At - Large" seats for the future elections. The town council will be five at large members and must reside in the town. and must be elected by all residents of the town. The town ordinance was amended to reflect the changes.

  • Changes to the burn ordinance is being updated for a future vote and amended.

  • Approved the purchase of a new printer for the town hall in the amount of $5,500. from Gorden and Flesch.

  • Approved $1050 to be divided up between water, sewer and sanitation for heated jackets for street department workers.

  • Approved the purchase of a computer for the Town marshal's office in the amount of $800

  • Approved to pay Bedford Ford for the repairs to the Ford Tarus in the amount of $2,496.96.

  • Approved the payment for a tire that blew out on the Crown Victoria in the amount of $611.34

  • Approved the payment of $8,550 to Harrison Concrete for Hoosier Avenue where the street crews have been working and finish the work.

  • Approved up to $1,100 to insulate the garage doors at the Water treatment plant.

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