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Oolitic Hires Two Part Time Deputy Marshall's - Fire Department LIT Funds Increased 20 percent

OOLITIC - JUNE 15, 2022 - During a special meeting Wednesday night the Oolitic Town Council hired two part time Deputy Marshall's. The town welcomes Tyler Ogden and Shaun Cabral to the department.

The Oolitic Town Council approved the pay rate of $17.15 of 20 hours a week for the part-time Deputy Marshalls.

New part-time Deputy Marshall for Town of Oolitic Tyler Ogden

In other business the town also approved the purchase of five portable radios for the Oolitic Town Marshall office. The portable radios will be a dual band portable to enable officers to communicate on both VHF and 800 MHz bands. This will allow communications during pursuits and communicate with other public safety agencies throughout the State of Indiana.

New Oolitic Deputy Marshall Tyler Ogden with Lux, Dalen and his wife, Taylor

The cost of the purchase of the portables will be $ 8,782. The town council will also be considering the purchase of three dual band mobile radios for its police vehicles.

Town of Oolitic in discussion about a lease of a Dodge Durango for the Town Marshall's Office. The current vehicle is over 14 years old

Oolitic Town Council is also in discussion of a lease agreement with John Jones, Salem, Indiana for a Dodge Durango Police vehicle.

The current vehicle owned by the town is 14 years of age and has been in the shop for the last six months for various repairs. Over $,6000 have been paid so far in repairs to the vehicle.

In addition, the Oolitic Town Council approved an increase in Local Income Tax Money being given to the Oolitic Volunteer Fire Department. The fire department will receive a 20 percent increase in revenue from the Local Income Tax received from Lawrence County.

Oolitic Volunteer Fire Department will receive an increase of 20 percent in LIT funds the town receives from public safety funds from Lawrence County LIT Funding

The fire department will receive $41,702.40 in total reimbursement from the town. The fire department will receive $3,475.00 a month to provide fire protection and respond to emergency medical calls. There has been a dramatic increase in emergency medical calls for all Lawernce County volunteer fire departments since the COVID 19 pandemic.

The best news came for town employees, town employees will receive health care coverage. The town has never offered this benefit to its employees. Brenda Corey has worked tirelessly over the last several months in trying to get health care coverage tor its 6 full-time employees.

Ooliitic Town Council approved the IU Health Gold 1250 Plan. In their approval of the town will pay the premium at 100 percent, and family members at 50 percent. The town council will continue to investigate in providing a co-pay to the Health Saving Account of its employees.

The Parker Insurance Group will be the administrator of the new plan.

" I am thrilled we have been able to offer this benefit to our hard-working employees of this town. This is something the town council has been in discussion for a very long time. This is hopefully, an incentive to keep our employees," said Oolitic Town Council member Brenda Corey.

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