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Oolitic Clerk-Treasurer Request Better Documentation for Invoices and Purchases of Over $22,000

OOLTIC - (December 27, 2021) - Oolitic Clerk -Treasurer Annette Norrick asked those making purchases and charges on behalf of the town; to do a better job of providing information to the Clerk-Treasurer.

There were over $22,000 in purchases that the clerk-office did not have knowledge of what the purchases were for and what accounts those charges needed to be designated. On some purchases the town was charged sales tax, to which the town should not have been.

" It is not my responsibility to go to the water sewer plant, Lowes, and other businesses to track down invoices and receipts," said Norrick.

In a recent Webinar and Zoom meeting with the Indiana State Board of Accounts the Clerk-Office was told she was going have to scrutinize the invoices.

In 2022, Indiana State Board of Accounts will be auditing city, towns and other government organizations to account for the distribution of public funds.

Most of the purchases was made without authorization until this month's town meeting.

According to Town Attorney Greg Pittman these purchases could have been made because they were emergency repairs and below the threshold of having to come before the town council. The issue would be if the town council did not vote to pay the invoices during this evening's meeting.

The invoices included the following:

  • $600 invoice for training for K-9 Deny. Deny is owned by Town Marshall James T. Harrington and not the Town of Oolitic

  • $2,985 invoice to Harrison Concrete for repairs and meter sepeartion on Oolitic Road and Ike Underwood Lane

  • $247.78 For parts for installation of a snowplow. Purchase was made by Town Council member Jon Broglin who abstained from the vote.

  • $1,027 to Tieman Tire for the town's Ooltic Utility Truck for tires. The tires were in poor condition required immediate replacement

  • $ 711.80 and $30.00 with an outstanding bill of approximately up to $800 expected from Cross Road Truck Repair for repairs to the Town's trash truck

  • $4,124.51 to Asher Trucks for Salt/Truck repairs.

According to Clerk-Treasurer the total amount of invoices came to $21,553.75 with no accounting of who purchased, type of purchase, and what account the items needed to be allotted to.

The town has also obtained a credit card in the amount of $5000 to avoid the unnecessary sales tax charges. Town Attorney Greg Pittman advised the town to establish a standard operating procedure on who, and when the card could be used. Policy for the town police department is already in place.

Times Mail and WBIW did not attend Monday night's meeting. Lawrence County Zephyr will have a live video of Monday's night's meeting uploaded shortly.

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