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AREA - DECEMBER 21, 2022 -The National Weather Service has issued a WINTER STORM WARNING which includes Lawrence County. The Winter Storm Waring will begin Thursday afternoon and end Friday evening.

Bedford Street Department is pre-treating Mitchell Road Wednesday afternoon

The NWS expects the following to occur:

  • Wind gusts up to 55 Miles per hour

  • Wind chills down to -30 degrees

  • Flash Freeze of wet roadways

  • Blowing snow

  • Snow accumulation up to 2-6 inches

  • The biggest impacts being Wind Chill and Cold

Remember frostbite can occur very quickly in these types of conditions. A Blizzard Warning might also be issued at a later time.

Indiana Department of Transporation is ready to take care of state highways when the storm begins.

Snow removal companies are ready to keep parking lots and businesses accessible ahead of the Christmas Holiday

In Lawrence County all the highway crews, and street departments are prepared with salt and sand with the upcoming Winter Storm.

Officials are asking motorists to stay off the roadways. Due to poor weather conditions, it may take several minutes to hours to reach motorists. Motorists are asked to fill up their vehicles with a full tank of gas should they become stranded. Be sure to carry extra blankets and emergency kits.

Be sure to monitor travel advisories and motorists are asked not to call 9-1-1- for weather conditions.

Lawrence County emergency officials met today to discuss emergency operation plans, and the Lawrence County Emergency Operations Center will activate when conditions warrant.

Lawrence County Zephyr will provide updates throughout the storm and try to keep the public informed of emergency information.

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