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North Lawrence Career Center Prepares Students in Career Technical Education and tomorrows jobs

BEDFORD - (February 11, 2022) - North Lawrence Career Center is preparing students for the jobs of the future with a rewarding career that are in high demand.

Currently, North Lawrence Career Center will have 14 areas of study and will add Cyber Security next year.

Bedford Chamber of Commerce After Hours allowed the North Lawrence Career Center to continue building a network and relationships among the community.

(Auto Collision Repair is a two-year program that allows students the opprotunity to learn basic automotive construction and design, safety, structural, and non-structural repair, MIG Welding, refinishing, and fiberglass repair and glass replacement)

North Lawrence Career Center would also like to find ways to help area business and industries and be able to provide talented and career minded students to the work force.

The ultimate goal to allow students to stay within the community where they live.

North Lawrence Career Center enrollment has grown to over 1,200 students which is roughly 400 students a trimester that will make their way through various courses.

Steven McNabb Assistant Director North Lawrence Career Center

" Whether its machines at the machine shop, welding, and health science there is always something going on at NLCC," said Steven McNabb.

In addition to the courses there are also work base offerings once a student completes two years at the career center. The work base learning is available their senior year. The student will go to school a half a day and then the student will go to work a half a day.

The students will use the use skills they learned in the program.


Located 1416 James Avenue Bedford, Indiana

Job shadowing programs have been available to students thanks to the collaboration between local business and NLCC. These businesses may support the programs financially or allowing the students to work for them.

" Hopefully, once the pandemic is over, we continue to build on these relationships. This will allow students to get exposed to their working environment will look like," said McNabb.


On Thursday night nine students introduced themselves to those in attendance and explained what the career center meant to them. The North Lawrence Career is providing opportunity to students to be successful in careers that offer excellent pay and benefits.

(NLCC students built a bench and taking orders for benches and sheds. Find out more about contacting the NLCC for costs)

Some of the course offerings include Automotive Services Technology, Automotive Collision Repair, Agriculture, Architecture and Construction, Criminal Justice, Education, Family and Consumer Science, Mass Media Production, Percision Machining, and Welding.

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