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New Residential Construction Keeps things hot in February

BEDFORD - MARCH 6, 2023 - New residential construction within the City of Bedford kept things hot in the construction business in February.

File photo: Residential construction continues to be hot in Bedford, Indiana

The hottest part of the permits issued by the Bedford Planning Department included two duplex construction projects by James Wisley Construction with 854 & 858 Daisy Lane being a $450,000 project and 823 & 827 Daffodil Lane being a $800,000 project for a grand total of $1,250,000 project.

File photo: Duplexes continue to be developed on Bedford's eastside

In the month of February, a total of new residential permits was issued with a total of over $2 million in new residential construction for the Month of February.

A total of 19 permits were issued by the Bedford Planning Department.

In the Month of March, things are expected to thaw out completely with remodeling and new home construction continue to grow. While commercial construction was light in February, in 2023 commercial construction should start smoking.

Permits issued in February:

  • Certificate of Occupancy - 1

  • Commerical Buidling Permits with inspection - 1

  • Demolition - 3

  • New Residential Construction - 7

  • Residential with no inspection -1

  • Residential with inspection - 4

  • Signs - 2

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