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Monroe County Correctional Center employee injured by unprovoked attack

MONROE COUNTY - JUNE 25, 2023 -Monroe County Correctional Center employee injured by unprovoked attack On June 24, 2023, at approximately 11:36 AM, Sgt. Avery Brahaum was on duty, in uniform for The Monroe County Correctional Center.

Sgt. Brahaum was outside the facility conducting an exterior check of the building.

Sgt. Brahuam seen Mr. Head from previous interactions inside the Jail and said “What’s up Chris“ when Christopher Head, age 33 attacked Sgt. Brahuam with a thermos. As a result, Sgt. Brahuam sustained bleeding from a large laceration to the back of his head. While bleeding from his injury, Sgt. Brahuam fought through his injury to detain Mr. Head who was arrested for Battery on a Public Safety Official, a level 5 felony by the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office.

Sgt. Brahuam was transported to a local hospital and received 7 staples as a result of this altercation.

Mr. Head had been terrorizing the citizens along the B-Line trail and the Bloomington City Police Department was actively following his path of battered victims to locate him. The Bloomington Farmers Market, National Lemonade stand day, and a large Art Fair were going on during this time providing a very busy pedestrian area around the Monroe County Correctional Center that is located at 7th and College Ave.

Sgt. Brahuam is expected to make a full recovery. We wish him a speedy recovery as well.

Without Sgt. Brahaum‘s willingness to fight through his injury to serve and protect it is unknown what Mr. Heads next action would have been. We also thank the Bloomington City Police Department for their prompt response and action.

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