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MITCHELL - DECEMBER 23, 2023 - Mitchell Volunteer Fire Department had a very busy 24 hours. The department was dispatched to 15 emergency calls starting at 12:37 a.m. Thursday morning with a flue fire in the 400 block of South 9th Street. Marion Township Volunteer Fire Department assisted with that call.

The last call dispatched just after 10:00 p.m.

File photo: Mitchell Volunteer Fire Department responded to 15 calls on Thursday with Marion Township assisting on two calls.

The department was dispatched to 13 emergency calls with Marion Towsnhip assisting on one of those EMS responses while the department responded to a dumpster fire 100 block of West Grissom Street in Mitchell.

Mitchell Volunteer Fire Department averages three to four calls a day throughout the year responding to an average of 900 - 1,100 calls a year.

The Mitchell area use to have an ambulance stationed within the City of Mitchell but since Seals Ambulance Service have left, the ambulance normally come from Bedford or Orange County.

Mitchell Volunteer Fire Department is all-volunteer fire department; however, the City of Mitchell does pay a firefighters a small stipend for each run they respond to.

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