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Mitchell Students Greeted with Positive Messages To Start Off School Year

MITCHELL - AUGUST 3, 2022 - The students in the Mitchell Community School Corporation was greeted by several role models throughout the community.

This included role models from various local organizations such as: Indiana Representative District 65 Chirs May, firefighters from Marion Township Volunteer Fire Department, Mitchell Fire Department, Mitchell Police officers, non-profit representatives, Hoosier Uplands, and many more. This list is not in its entirety.

Lawrence County Zephyr was on hand to watch students greeted by the role models as they started their first day of learning at Hatfield Elementary School.

The intent is getting the students off to a good start this school year.

Here is some of the role models at the Hatfield Elementary School Wednesday morning. From left to right - Gage Forest, Caleb Lobosky, Ethan Duncan, Marvin Patton, Chris Carlisle, Mark Bryant, Billy Sanders, Warren Crawford, Lowell Bailey, Shannon Woods, and Rob German

Role models were located at all four school buildings which included Hatfield Elementary, Burris Elementary, Mitchell Junior High School and Mitchell High School.

In addition, students could see positive messages on the sidewalks with encouraging messages.

Most students were excited to start school and get back to a year of learning. All the school principals as well as Dr. Brent Comer was on hand to make sure the first day of school went well.

Hatfield Elementary School Principal Steve Grissom greets students as they get off the bus this morning. Grissom giving each student a positive message and greeting

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