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Mitchell Resident Tonya Hudson Seeks Libertarian Nomination for Lt. Governor

STATE - JULY 25, 2023 - Tonya Hudson is seeking the 2024 Libertarian nomination for Lieutenant Governor of Indiana.

Photo: Mitchell resident Tonya Hudson seeks the Libertarian Nomination for Lt. Governor

The LPIN will have its annual convention in March, 2024.

Hudson is a REALTOR associated with Suddarth &Company Real Estate. As a real estate broker in Southern Indiana, she has been privileged to work with individuals from many walks of life and understands how property taxes have become such a burden for Hoosiers.

Photo: Tonya Hudson at the Libertarian Party Headquarters in Lawrence County

“I know the problems created in the State Capital by the broken two-party system are not

helping the people in Indiana who work so hard to make ends meet. The strict laws placed on the citizenry by the duopoly, led by a Republican majority, is a hindrance and hardship for both individuals and small businesses”, Hudson said.

Tonya Hudson (formerly Tonya Millis) was the 2020 and 2022 Libertarian candidate for U.S.

House of Representatives, Indiana’s Ninth District (Tonya for Congress). At the LPIN

Convention in March of 2023, Hudson was elected as the Vice Chair of the Libertarian Party of Indiana and stepped down from that office on 7/21/23 to run for Lt. Governor.

For more information about Tonya’s campaign, go to her website, or follow her on Facebook, Hudson for Hoosiers.


1416 James Avenue Bedford, Indiana

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