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Mitchell Mayor Jenkins Presides over first meeting as Mayor - City Council Tables Requests

MITCHELL - NOVMEBER 15, 2022 - Mitchell newest Mayor Nathan Jenkins presided over his first meeting as Mayor of Mitchell, with the city council tabling several items during the meeting Monday night.

This will give council members more time to review proposed ordinance changes, and recommendations.

Mitchell Mayor Nathan Jenkins presides over his first meeting as mayor Monday night

The Mitchell City Council tabled several actions Monday night include the following:

  • Mitchell City Police Officer Incentive Package to attract officers will be voted on in a future meeting. The city council will vote on what qualifies for an experienced police officer to qualify for the incentive package. Suggestions included being a police officer for 3 years, must work 1,500 hours a year, being a full-time officer, $5,000 sign-on bonus after completing one year of service, vacation hours after completing one year of service, completed the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy, and agreement signed between the city and the officer. An ordinance will be voted on in the future, to reflect the contract with the new police officer

  • Rental House Inspection permit ordinances are currently being reviewed by the City of Mitchell. A committee will be formed to look at the new proposed ordinances more closely. President Larry Caudell suggested the ordinance be not as stringent as Monroe County but, updated to strengthen the current ordinance being used at this time.

  • Storm Water Fees will be attached to the resident's property taxes. The fees will be $5 per residential property owner and $10 for business owners. Crowe LLP will be obtaining the information on approximately 1,789 water/sewer customers in the city. Churches will be included in the fee being assessed for the stormwater fees. The total cost of Crowe services to the city is not yet known. An ordinance or resolution will be established by the City of Mitchell to assess the new fees. Lawrence County Treasurer, Auditor, and Surveyor's office will assist the city in obtaining the information.

  • Mtichell City Volunteer Fire Department is requesting the authority to issue citations for open burn violations within the city. The ordinance will give authority to the fire chief, and two assistant fire chiefs, Mitchell Building Commissioner Bill Sallee, and Mitchell Police Department to issue citations for violations of open burning or nuisance fires. The city does not want this to be a ticket writing business, but to educate the public and issue warnings whenever possible. All residents are subject to Indiana Open burning regulations by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management. The ordinances are currently being reviewed with the city attorney drafting an ordinance to be voted on a future meeting.

Mitchell City Council meets Monday night, the last city council meeting was cancelled due to lack of quorum

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