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Mitchell High School Softball and Baseball Opening Ceremonies Usher in a new legacy

MITCHELL - MARCH 29, 2023 - On Wednesday the opening ceremonies for both the Mitchell's Softball and Baseball have ushered in a new legacy for Mitchell's athletics.

Photo: The Mitchell Softball Team was all smiles at the opening game against Barr Reeve Wednesday evening

Both the baseball and softball teams were ready for this special evening and on a turf field that will bring home wins and pride for years to come.

The Mitchell School board members were at the grill offering free hamburgers and hot dogs to those in attendance and no cost to the school or taxpayers.

Photo: Mitchell School board members Patrick Redman and Chris Shaw at the grill during Wednesday's season opener

" This is so awesome to play on this new field, this is a beautiful day to be able to play. The girls are ready and could not ask for any better day to start the season," said Steve Canda head coach of the Mitchell Softball team.

Coach Steve Canda is on his 5th season as the team readies themselves for an exciting season. "Last year we did not play where we could have been, but we are righting the ship this year. The team having a 12 win and 12 losses last year,"

Video: The very first pitch on the Parker Field

" I think the girls are ready, excited and proud at the same time. If we play like we are capable, good things can happen this year. The team is softball savvy and experienced ball players. If they believe in themselves; we can accomplish a lot this year. This is all on the players and how bad they want it this year.

The Parker Field will have many memories for the high school girls for years to come.

The Mitchell Community School board members were honored during both the softball and baseball openers which was held at the same time.

The Mitchell's Baseball team had a great evening of play with a win over # 3 ranked Borden in their season opener. The very first game on the Gary Seitzinger Field Wednesday night.

Photo: Former Mitchell Baseball Coach Gary Seitzinger was honored Wednesday during the season opener

The first pitch for the baseball game was thrown by Gary Seitzinger whom the field is named after.

Video: Gary Seitzinger honored during the season opener

" This is very humbling and exciting to see all these people, many who I have not seen for a while. Like Johnny Butz, this is hard to put in words," said Seitzinger.

Seitzinger won 467 games as Mitchell High School Baseball coach, with 13 conference championships, and six sectionals. This spanned over 34 years and left a legacy for the Mitchell Community.

Video: Starting Lineup for the Mitchell Baseball Team

The evening was thrilling for the whole community to be able to see the great facilities that are being built and completed that will have a lasting impact on the students in academics and athletics.

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