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Man Injured After Fireworks Explodes in His Hand

MITCHELL - JULY 3, 2022 - A man was injured after a firework exploded in his hand Sunday night. The incident took place at a private residence in Lakeside Estates Mobile Home Park in Mitchell.

(A man was injured after a firework exploded in his hand. He was transported to the University of Louisville, KY by STAT Flight Helicopter)

Due to his injuries the man was transported from the scene to a landing zone to an waiting STAT Flight Helicopter to transport him to University of Louisville Hospital, Louisville, KY.

Due to the nature of the call Emergency Medical personnel from the Mitchell Volunteer Fire Department immediately requested a air ambulance. The ambulance was dispatched from Orange County due to no available ambulances in Lawrence County.

Emergency Personnel transport a man to a landing zone off of Doc Hamiliton Blvd. Sunday night

The call reporting the incident came in 10:18 p.m. The incident took place around the same time of the Mitchell Fireworks which hampered emergency personnel in getting to the incident location, due to traffic congestion.

According to reports the man suffered an injury to his hand and minor burns to his chest and face.

Mitchell Police Department, Mitchell Fire Department, IU Lifeline Orange County EMS, Marion Township Volunteer Fire Department, and Lawrence County Sheriff's Department responded to the incident.

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