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Libertarian Party will be back in future Elections

LAWRENCE COUNTY - NOVEMBER 9, 2022 - The Libertarian Party says they will be back in future races despite their losses on Tuesday night.

Kevin Bunch Libertarian Candidate for Lawrence County District 1 Tuesday night at the campaign headquarters in Bedford

Kevin Bunch's first political campaign " I have learned a lot through this election process. There is a certain way to go about running a political campaign. I thought I I really went out and talked to a lot of people, but I came up short," said Bunch. " I will be running again, and will start a lot earlier than I did,"

" I would like to see more transparency in county government. They really need to watch on how they spend taxpayers' money. There is a lot of out landlish spending, there is a lot of pet projects. We need to focus on that county residents really need such as the ambulance service that has been lacking," said Bunch.

" I want to congratulate Amy Redman, she ran a good campaign, I hope she does well," said Bunch.

Bunch received 263 votes during the General Election on Tuesday night.

Niklas Sinard received 370 votes Tuesday night

Niklas Sinard ran as a Libertarian in the Lawrence County Council district 4 race who received 370 votes defeated by Jeffery Lytton who received 2,123 votes.

" I have learned about the process, which was the most important thing. Going into this seeing everything on TV, you do not know the ins or outs of the political process. This has been a good eye-opening experience,"

" I plan on trying this out again, I hope to run for a Lawrence County At-Large seat in 2024," said Sinard. One of the reasons Sinard says he ran was due to the lack of transparency in county government. they seem to feel like Washington D.C. they have a blank check. Obviously, the voters chose who they wanted. I feel like because of the actions of our current county council, they continue to vote in that train. The county taxpayers will see their taxes increase, and they voted for that this evening," said Sinard.

Darin Kinser Lawrence County Libertarian Party Chairman and Lawrence County Sheriff candidate

" The Libertarian Party had a great turnout in Lawrence County for the party and had a great fight for liberty. We are going to keep fighting for liberty. In my run for sheriff, I had 12 percent of the vote, was more than I thought I would get. In three years, you will see me running again for Lawrence County Sheriff," said Kinser following Tuesday nights loss against Republican challenger Greg Day.

" I want to thank Greg Day on his win for Lawrence County Sheriff," said Kinser. " He ran a good clean, successful race for Sheriff,"

" We are going to continue to run candidates for the Libertarian Party in Lawrence County and I am proud of the candidates that ran in this year's race," said Kinser.

The closest race came from the Pleasant Run Township Advisory board race where Carrie Atkins was one vote from winning. ( See related story).

The Democrat Party had four candidates in Lawrence County races all coming up short as Republicans had a clean sweep in all the county and state races on the Lawrence County ballots.

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