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Libertarian Party of Lawrence County Holds Annual Convention

BEDFORD - (January 20, 2022) -The Libertarian Party of Lawrence County (LPLC) had its Annual Convention on Wednesday night at Dacar;s restaurant in Bedford, Indiana.

During this meeting, the LPLC nominated four people to run for local office.

Jordan Wheelock with Tonya Millis who is seeking United Representative District 9th

Michael Russell will seek Lawrence County District 3, " I fell in love with the Libertarian Party back 2016 when Gary Johnson was running against Hilary Clinton, and Donald Trump. When I looked at the Libertarian Party, I knew that was the party I belonged to. The party stands for personal freedom, less government, we have too much government in every situation. Even in Lawrence County it is a full red county, they have all the control for many years, and we would like to see it changed, to protect our freedoms," said Russell.

J. Tylor Russell will seek Lawrence County Council, District 2 " I am very honored to be running for Lawrence County Council District 2. In Russell's decision to become a member of the Libertarian Party, Russell says many years ago; when I see how taxes continue to rise, and gun rights are challenged, neither party Republicans nor Democrat are protecting gun rights. I am for lesser government, less taxation, and about liberty. I recently seen Lawrence County has collected over $36 Million in property taxes, alone and this is not right. I feel once you buy your property you own your property, and this is just extortion.

Niklas Siniard, will seek Shawswick Township Trustee, " this is invigorating and it's time for a change and I am glad we are able to finally do it," said Sinaiard. " I plan to run the office with integrity, and keep everyone's freedom in mind, Sinaiard concluded.

Darin Kinser will seek to become the next Lawrence County Sheriff, " it feels really good that people are realizing we need more liberty and freedom. We need a sheriff who will protect the constitution. We need a sheriff who will support the people of Lawrence County and not the syndicate. Kinser says he does not favor Indiana's Red Flag Law.

Kinser also serves as the chairman for the Libertarian Party in Lawrence County. " it feels good to see our party grow and more people become involved locally. The numbers for the local party continue to grow every single month. Wednesday night was the first anniversary when the party got organized. We are going to continue to grow even more. We are putting both parties on notice we are right behind them. I believe everyone is a Libertarian and they do not know it, Kinser added.

" I believe after the last few years with the pandemic, people are starting to look and see what is out there, and who better represents them," said Kinser. " Once they know what we stand for they figure we are the party for them,"

William Henry is seeking U.S. Senate Seat

The LPLC also nominated delegates to the LPIN State convention in March. There were three federal Libertarian candidates who spoke at the meeting; James Sceniak and William Henry are each seeking the nomination for U.S. Senate, and Tonya Millis who is seeking the nomination for U.S. House of Representatives, District 9. The next LPLC meeting is February 12th."

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