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Letter to the editor: Indiana State Road 37 Fatal Accidents Still getting community attention

Editor, your recently published opinion written by Joby Jerrells was an excellent piece, extremely well written. Perhaps the addition of rumple strips like those used on lane dividers and edge of the road markers might help wake up drivers.

Perhaps reintroducing driver education classes in schools could help. The entire area mentioned used to have constant police presence. You seldom see law enforcement used as a deterrent these days , but you sure see plenty of blue lights after the fact.

Would I be willing to pay for more highway enforcement personnel? Yes, if it improves the odds that my family will make it home. Sounds like a round-table with victims, their surviving family members, offenders, law enforcement personnel should meet to understand the prevailing issues involved with this community problem.

I remember driving four lane 37 when it opened. What an improvement over the old 37. At least the old road with all its' hills and curves, forced you to slow down and stay alert. Our current, "me only" culture is perhaps the saddest cause of the tragedies.

Stephen Carr

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