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Learn About Birds in Your Backyard - Lawrence County Soil & Water Conservation

BEDFORD - (January 28, 2022) - Learn about birds in your own backyard. If you enjoy birds, Barbra Filtri, McCormick Creek State Park is giving a program on attracting backyard birds.

She will also discuss keeping squires, raccoons, and deer out of the bird feeders and easy systems to fill bird feeders.

Filtri, will recommend landscaping for birds, water needs, providing for hummingbirds and how to prevent window strikes.


Join the program on Tuesday February 22, at 6:00 p.m. at Otis Park Bathhouse 607 Tunnelton Road. RSVP by February 18, at the Bedford Parks Department or call 812-275-5692.

This presentation sponsored by Purdue Extension, U.S. Forest Service, Bedford Parks Department, and Indiana Department of Natural Resources.

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