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LCIS Discuss Transportation During Last School Board Meeting

FAYETTEVILLE - SEPTEMBER 5, 2022 - The Lawrence County Independent Schools discussed purchasing a bus for the school as a stand-by should a bus go down during the school year. This process will take a little time for the board to address. There was no action taken.

The board is also looking to address the situation with rising fuel costs for the current drivers. LCIS voted to add an additional $100 to the pay while the issue is being addressed and communication with the bus drivers is competed.

New Hires approved to the LCIS staff include:

  • Bailey LeRoy - Instructional Assistant


  • Debra Day - Kindergarten Teacher

Principal Synmcox updated the board on some of the activities participated in over the last couple of weeks.

Upcoming events:

  • Wednesday September 14th " Get Schooled Tour" Strengthen Yourself"

  • Thursday September 22nd - School Picture Day

  • October 10th - October 14th is Fall Break

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