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Lawrence Prosecutor Arp expresses concerns about Indiana Center for Recovery Bedford location

BEDFORD - JANUARY 24, 2024 - Lawrence County Prosecutor Sam Arp has expressed concerns about the Indiana Center for Recovery Bedford, Indiana location during the county council meeting Tuesday night.

The LLC is also known as Haven Health Management.

Photo: Lawrence County Prosecutor Sam Arp II expresses concerns about Indiana Center for Recovery Bedford, Indiana location

According to Prosecutor Arp this is the first time a drug rehab facility that has not first come to the prosecutors office or local police department. " I do not know about the provider"

" The only thing I heard the reports from the Zephyr having 200 employees, and so if you have to have 200 employees so how many patients do you have to have. This is very concerning to me," said Prosecutor Arp.

" This concerns me for multiple reasons, we do not have the amount of people in the area to support that. So this means the facility will be taking people from Indianapolis, Chicago, Detroit and Louisville coming to our location. With this company not addressing the local government officials it tells me they do not care about the county," added Arp.

A detoxication facility will starting off at the location. According to Arp he has researched the process they will be people for at the facility for a week or two and then released out the door and then become residents of the area.

In the end Arp is hoping to open communication and get clarity on the plans of the company.

This could effect the number of criminal cases filed locally.

Photo: Dunn Hospital sold to Haven Health Management for $1 million

 St.Vincent Dunn Hospital which include seven parcels have been sold in the amount of $1 million to 111 Arrowhead Trail LLC. Bloomington, Indiana. The LLC is known as Indiana Center for Recovery or Haven Health Management.

The purchase was made in cash without having to be financed.

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Caleb Bay
Caleb Bay
Jan 25

They probably got all that money by overcharging the government and insurance for urine screens. To the tune of $2000 per screen. Its something Transitions does and nobody has a problem with it. You are letting shady “doctors” line their pockets with drug epidemic profits via absurd urine testing fees. Now one of them bought an old hospital to bring in a mile of big city problems and all of a sudden you have an issue. LOL. How about taking a look at the urine screen billing practices of the places YOU are sending people to. You are feeding the same beast you are complaining about.

Furthermore the city is so quick to kiss Jay Fiddler’s grass they allowed t…

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