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Lawrence County to Move Mapping System to WTH

LAWRENCE COUNTY - JUNE 13, 2023 - Lawrence County Surveyor Corey Allen asked the Lawrence County commissioners to move the Lawrence County mapping system from Elevate to WTH.

Photo: Lawrence County Commissioners

The annual fee for the county will be $8,800 a year contract, compared to Schneider for annual fee of $24,084 per year on a multiyear contract that was signed in 2020.

There will be a one-year overlap of the two companies to help with the transition.

WTH requires a one-time transition cost of $28,652.50 which will be paid from existing funds in the Lawrence County Surveyor's Budget.

The current provider Schnieder Geospatial notified the county that Elevate will not be supported and Elevate clients will be required to transition to their Beacon platform.

Target date for the transition to Beacon is scheduled to begin in the fall of 2023.

Product is still under development, and Beacon does not intend to support a mobile app to replace Elevate's mobile app.

WTH does not support a mobile app, but both can be accessed by web browsers.

WTH operates GIS for over 30 counties in Indiana and Schnieder operates GIS for the remainder since the company's purchase of Elevate parent company 33 Degrees North.

WTH would take three months to develop the system and will be available for training in the fall of 2023.

Lawrence County 911 already uses WTH.

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