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Lawrence County Property Tax Sales Brings in $1.2 Million into county coffers

LAWRENCE COUNTY - OCTOBER 26, 2022 - This year's property tax sale that was held on October 7th brought in $1,235,919.099 according to Lawrence County Treasurer Jody Edwards. ThIs years, tax sale was held online by SRI who specializes tax sales.

A total of 83 parcels sold in this year's tax sale. There was approximately $2 Million dollars in delinquent property tax at the start of 2022. A total of $38 Million in property taxes was collected in 2021.

Lawrence County Taxpayers are reminded by both Lawrence County Commissioner Rodney Fish during the commissioners meeting on Tuesday and Lawrence County Treasurer Jody Edwards that property taxes are due on November 10.

Due to the Election and Veterans Day the Treasurer's office will be closed both days.

Lawrence County Council members passed a 2023 budget at approximately $29 Million in 2023.

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