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LAWRENCE COUNTY - DECEMBER 20, 2023 - Lawrence County officials are preparing for the predicted storm that will impact residents on Thursday into the weekend.

Lawrence County Highway Superintendent Brandi Webb wanted to remind residents that the county highway department only has 13 trucks to do snow removal.

There are a total of 672 road miles that the Lawrence County Highway Department is responsible for. This means each truck is responsible for over 100 miles each and takes about 8-10 hours without any complications to make one pass.

Lawrence County Emergency Management Director Valarie Luchuaer advises that everyone needs to make preparations now. It is believed that no one will be moving anywhere on Friday. In fact, Lawrence County Commissioners are asking residents to stay off the roadways when the storm begins.

" We are not responsible for you getting stuck and having to be rescued. We ask that when the Yellow Travel status is issued you consider that a Red Travel Advisory," said Lawrence County Commissioner Dustin Gabhart.

Lawrence County Commissioners stated that every time the snow season hits, we are criticized for not issuing certain advisories quick enough. The Red Travel Advisory is something that we take very seriously. When that travel advisory is issued third shift employees are not allowed to leave at some companies, and other employees are not allowed to come in.

Lawrence County EMA director Luchuaer, advises when a travel advisory is issued it only covers county roadways. The advisories do not apply to municipal or state highways.

An Emergency Operation Center will be at the training room of the Lawrence County Sheriff's Department when conditions warrant.

Lawrence County Zephyr will provide updates from the National Weather Service.

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