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Lawrence County Girl Scouts send love to Lawrence County Veterans on Valentines Day

LAWRENCE COUNTY - FEBRUARY 14, 2024 - The 11 different Girl Scout Troops wanted to show some love to the Lawrence County Veterans for Valentine's Day.

On January 27th the Lawrence County Girl Scouts spent two hours working on Valentines Day cards for the Lawrence County Veterans.

Photo: Elizabeth Baez (Cadette)*Isabel Turpin (Junior)*Jillian Beckum (Junior)*DeAnnaRieber (Cross) (1LT) U S. Army Veteran, Adjutant Generar Corps

*Rowena Cross-Najafi (1LT) U.S. Army Veteran, Signal Corps *Brad Bough, Lawrence County Veterans Service Officer *Charles Delphia

On Tuesday the girl scouts delivered the Valentines Day cards to the Lawrence County Veterans Office and some of the Lawrence County Veterans showed up to feel the love.

The Girl Scouts was treated to some hot chocolate by the Veterans Officer Brad Bough and Charles Delphia.

Photo: On January 27th the Lawrence County Girl Scouts spent more than two hours using their creativity and imagination to create a Valentines Day card for local veterans.

" We had two hours for them to make as many Valentines Day cards as they wanted to. We wanted them to show their creativity," said Marla D. Pujols Troop 4678.

Photo: The Lawrence County Vets went to the Lawrence County Veterans office to receive Valentines Day cards on Tuesday afternoon

The girls used different patterns and wrote different messages to send each vet a token of the their love and appreciation.

For a couple of years they stopped the project around the COVID pandemic and now the group wanted to get the project back going again.

" This is something near and dear to the leaders heart, and show our appreciation to the men and women who have fought for our country," added Pujols.

A letter was sent with the package of cards letting the veterans know it was a token of appreciation and unending gratitude for all the veterans that kept the country safe.

" Thank you for your service and all the sacrifices you made have to make for us all. Your commitment and selfless service will never be forgotten," The letter stated to the veterans who received them.

Those who attended on Tuesday was appreciative of the time and display of love shown to them including a hug.

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